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Exklusiv intervju med Nathalie Kelly (Sybil)

Alla vill vi väll lära känna den nya skådespelaren bakom den omtalande karaktären Sybil. Tack vare Alloy Entertainment, som fått en exklusiv intervju med Nathalie Kelly. Där hon bland annat talar en heldel om sin karaktär och hur det är att dyka in en sådan stark roll som leker med fansens känslor. Läs intervjun nedan om intresset lockar.


Alloy Entertainment: Congratulations on landing the role of Sybil! We hope you don’t take offense to this, but never before has a character incited so much anger in fang fans before.
Nathalie Kelley: [Laughs] I’m seeing that…I’m noticing all the reactions and I’m like ‘WHOA.’ I’m inspiring so many strong feelings in people.


Alloy Entertainment: Before Sybil was introduced, we didn’t know too much about her. There was so much build-up leading up to Klaus and Katherine’s respective arrivals, but Sybil remained somewhat of a mystery. Now that you’ve gotten a chance to explore your character further, what has surprised you most about her? Is there anything specific about Sybil that you, as an actress, try to hone in on and bring to life on screen?
Nathalie Kelley: I have one answer to both of those questions, and it’s her vulnerability and humanity. It’s easy to play a one-dimensional villain, but for me as an actor, it’s more fun when I get the chance to dive into the human reasons behind what makes someone bad. Behind every villain, there’s an awful tragedy that made them that way, and that’s what this next episode [“An Eternity of Misery“] is about. It explores Sybil’s backstory and is set in 2000 B.C.; Julie [Plec] based it a lot on the mythology and you get to see the pain that drives her. You get to learn about everything she’s suffered and the reason why she is so callous, cruel, and manipulative. Those are the things that drew me to her. Yes, she is a villain and all-powerful. However, she can have whatever she wants — whatever she wants — but she’s still so needy. It was so fascinating to me when I first auditioned for the role — this combination of so much power, vulnerability, and neediness. And so, in this upcoming episode, you’ll discover why she has such a strong desire to be loved.


Alloy Entertainment: In the trailer for “An Eternity of Misery,”Sybil reveals that she has a sister. Obviously you can’t tell us who she is — but just like the Salvatore brothers have their differences, what are some key contrasts between these two women?
Nathalie Kelley: I can’t really say without giving away who it is – it’s such a good plot twist that I don’t want to spoil it for you. But my backstory delves into this tale about two sisters living on an island and they’re different in a lot of ways. You don’t know until the very end who it is, but you kind of…[Laughs] I can’t say too much, but just know it’s about two sisters on an island. I’m trying not to get into hot water here, but yes, once you see who it is and learn about their past, you’ll realize how different they are.


Alloy Entertainment: We also see in that same promo that you and Paul Wesley have a lot of scenes together in episode 8×04. How do Sybil’s interactions with Stefan differ from her frequent ones with Damon?
Nathalie Kelley: Well, at this point, I think Damon is becoming her favorite little pet. She’s exists to be worshiped and served, and Damon, although reluctantly, has been doing her bidding so he’s very valuable to her. Stefan, on the other hand, is a nut she hasn’t cracked yet and he intrigues her. You’ll see in this episode why she’s fascinated by the psychology of the two brothers, the differences between them, and what makes them each tick; there’s a lot of mirroring happening between the sibling relationships — you know, between Damon and Stefan, and Sybil and her sister.


Alloy Entertainment: Considering she punishes and feeds mostly on depraved souls, do you think describing Sybil as “evil herself” is a fair assessment at this point?
Nathalie Kelley: She’s pretty evil. [Laughs] Her choice of targets isn’t because she’s some sort of awesome vigilante; it’s a job she has to do and we learn about that in the next episode. But yea, I wouldn’t give her any points for only killing “evil” people. She’s twisted and isn’t doing it to serve them justice for herself – it’s just the task she’s been given.


Alloy Entertainment: Sybil has deleted cherished memories, interfered with relationships, and instilled so much fear in people. How much worse does it get?
Nathalie Kelley: Oh, it gets even darker – she does some really messed-up things. This is just the beginning. [Laughs] I’m actually shocked by some of the things, like, ‘Wow, she’s not holding back!’ She’s a true villain.


Alloy Entertainment: Joining a show in its eighth season can be a bit daunting. What was your first day on set like and who made you feel most at home in Mystic Falls?
Nathalie Kelley: My first day was terrifying! I’ve never been more nervous about a job before in my life — the pacing was so different and hard. I actually watched that scene in which Sybil kills Sarah Salvatore and was so relieved that it came out okay, because I was just so nervous. So yes, it is a bit daunting to come in on a show’s eighth season and work with people who have been working with each other for so long. However, you know who made me feel the nicest on my first day? Paul Wesley. He was really sweet and lovely to me. I was all ‘Is it always like this?’ and he was like, ‘Yea, it’s pretty crazy.’ Thankfully, I’m now used to the fast pacing, but everyone was truly so warm to me from the very beginning and they’ve gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Kat Graham in particular, at the first table read, came over to give me a big hug and said, “We’re really happy to have you.” It could have been a very intimidating, scary experience, but instead it’s been one my most memorable, life-changing jobs in terms of the friends I’ve made and the relationships I’ve built during this short time.


Alloy Entertainment: The image of you and Kat hugging it out is so endearing, especially when you take into account all the tension between Sybil and the girls!
Nathalie Kelley: [Laughs] I know! It was hard being so mean to her in the last episode that just aired because I love her so much in real life. She’s such a special soul and a kindred spirit. She really is like a sister to me now, so when I have do all these messed-up things to her and treat her so cruelly, I feel bad.



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Intervju med Michael Malarkey

Ny intervju med Michael Malarkey inför säsong7. Han pratar om Enzos roll i den nya säsongen och lite om hans prövningar.
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Intervjuer med castet

Annie Wersching pratar om Lillys roll i säsong 7
Candice King pratar om Carolines roll i säsong 7
Kat Graham pratar om Bonnies roll i säsong 7
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Lära känna Beau...

Beau är en ny karaktär vi kommer få lära känna i säsong 7 och vi ett smakprov redan i denna intervju.
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Is There a Vampire Baby On Board?!

TVD-castet pratar om Candice som mamma och hur Caroline och Stefan skulle vara som föräldrar.
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Ett nytt par i Mystic Falls..

Det har kommit ett nytt par till Mystic Falls som vi kommer få lära känna under säsong 7.
Så vi hälsar Nora och Mary väkommna!
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"Nina's our Queen Bee"

Vi fick ett tips här på bloggen om ett klipp där Paul Wesley (Stefan), Candice King (Caroline) samt Michael Malarkey (Enzo) pratar om hur det var att arbeta med Nina och hur saknad hon kommer vara nu när hon inte längre är med.
Tyvärr gick inte videon att bädda in i inlägget så ni hittar den HÄR
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Ian Somerhalder inför TVD utan Elena Gilbert

Ian diskuterar TVD utan Elena Gilbert samt besvarar frågor såsom "If you were in Damons shoes, what would you choose between the cure or immortality?"
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Ian somerhalder på Daily Share

Ian Somerhalde pratar om Säsong 7, samt sina adotperade djur och hans passion för djurlivet i det vilda.
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Comic-Con Q&A + interview 2015

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Tv-Guide - Intervju om Steroline

Paul Wesley och Candice Acoola blev intervjuad av TV-Guide angående Steroline. (Intervjun är dock på engelska.)


Stefan And Caroline’s first time was far from romantic it was more like a drunken hookup!?

Accola: Its certainly not how Caroline wanted to finally get together with Stefan and start a relationship. She wanted it to be genuine.

Wesley: Stefan took it better because he’s been alive a long time and murdered many people [Laughs]


Why did it take so long for Stefan to aknowledge Caroline’s feelings for him as well as his feelings for her?

Accola: I should make a joke about boys just being unaware, but i have to cut him a break. He was dealing with what he thought was his brother Damons death, so he was too distracted to think about her deep her feelings were.

Wesley: Look Stefan was madly in love with Elena I dont think he thought for a moment there would be another woman in his life. Ever.

Accola: Caroline is definitely intimidated by that. How can he truly love her after Elena? She’s in love with Stefan but she feels like the odds are stacked against her.


So Paul can Stefan truly love Caroline after Elena?

Wesley: Stefan and Elena had unrelenting passion which has merit. But forming a bond and friendship that devolps into a life-long partnership-that pragmatic love has merit as well. I think Stefan professes his love to Caroline-to a degree-when he says, “I’m here for you.”


Talk about trading places. Now Stefan is ready for a relationship but Caroline isnt so sure.

Wesley: Unless hes in ripper mode, Stefan is a noble character much more than I am in real life, and he’ll wait for her to feel ready.


When you too work together there is natural humor and plenty of steam, often at the same time. Do you agree?

Wesley: Yeah. There’s humor. There’s a sexiness, and theres a friendship [that we bring to the two characters].


Which one makes the other crack up?

Wesley: Its me, 100 percent.

Accola: Paul is definitely a trouble maker. He has the biggest sense of humor. I’m so focused. If I’m trying to get ready for the next scene I’m very focused on whats next. And Paul is cracking jokes


Sounds like Candice shares a “type A personality” with Caroline.

Accola: I’m very type A! Just ask my husband [The Fray guitarist Joe King]. There are many Parallels between Caroline and me. It’s been very interesting to playing her.


Candice does Paul make you laugh while filming your love scenes?

Accola: You’re in a room with 30 other people! Everyone is cracking jokes! I find filming romance scenes a hilarious endeavor because Caroline has had many romantic relationships over six years. It’s just another day at work for me. [Laughs]

Wesley: We’re such buddies in real life, when we have to do passionate scenes we can’t help but laugh. Plus her husband is a really good friend of mine so its amusingly weird.


Whats your favorite shared scene so far?

Accola: The beginning of their friendship and season two. Right after she turns and Stefan is teaching her how to be a vampire. She had gone on a rampage because she couldn’t control herself. Shes stressing that she might have to eat bunnies. Its the first time you see these two characters-who are such polar opposites work together.

Wesley: My favorite scene was also when Caroline was freaking out about being a vampire. She had gone on a rampage because she couldnt control herself. She was in a public bathroom and I grabbed her face and tell her that it would be OK. I think the writers saw the connection during that scene and said, ”Maybe this is something we could do in the future. Because if its only Stefan and Elena for six years people may want to vomit.”


With Nina Dobrev’s departure ending the Elena/Damon paring, will Steroline be the show’s must-watch couple?

Wesley: For all I know they’ll bring a new girl for Damon and they will have a passionate romance. I think we’re going to be one main romances, but I’m not sure  if we’ll be the only one.


What do you want to happen?

Accola: I would like Caroline to have a relationship that works out. In the pilot we saw superficial Caroline, but really she just wanted to be loved. Thats what she’s always wanted. It would be a nice full-circle experience for her if she gets that in the end.

Wesley: I think Stefan-and the writers-want him and Caroline to be the endgame: the match.

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Nina Dobrev för Self Magazine

Nina Dobrev har fotograferats och intervjuats av Self Magazine. När de frågade om hennes sista dagar på inspelningen av The Vampire Diaries, berättade hon att det har varit väldigt känslosamt och att hon alltid velat att Elenas avsked ska vara epic. “I feel like I’m a completely different person than I was and I’ve grown so much. It’s been a big part of my life, and I want it to be beautiful. I want it to end well.”
Hon tycker inte att det ska bli läskigt att lämna showen och kasta sig ut i det fria, men hon säger att det är en bittersweet upplevelse. “I’ve loved working on this show,” säger hon. “It’s been such a crazy, awesome adventure, and I’ve been surrounded by so many people who I consider family. I know this is a new exciting step in the right direction for me, but it’s going to be so strange not to be with them.
Läs hela repotaget här.
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Steven R Mcqueen's Goodbye Message

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Paul Wesley intervjuad av The Talk

Paul pratar om The Vampire Diaries och hans film "Amira & Sam"
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Chris Wood intervjuad och fotograferad för Teen Vogue

If you're looking for a guy who's the total package, we found him: 26-year-old Chris Wood, whose most recent role as the villainous Kai Parker in The Vampire Diaries has turned him into Hollywood's hottest new bad boy. But don't let his character fool you: In real life he's a marathon-running, theater-loving, baseball-playing heartthrob who has a whole lot more to him than you'll ever see on screen.

The Ohio-native isn't new to the acting scene. Before his roles on The Carrie Diariesand Girls, you'd have to buy tickets to the theater to see him put on his best performance. "My first role was a rat in Pied Piper of Hamelin when I was six years old," he tells us. "My older sister was really into theater and dance, so there's always the sibling rivalry element of growing up. I fell into it that way. It's something I've done my whole life."


That first role was just the beginning. After growing up making stop-motion home movies with friends featuring G.I. Joe and an occasional appearance by his sister's Barbies, not to mention a short-lived series in high school called Chris Wood: Action Man, it was pretty clear being an actor was in his genes and he figured out a way to make his dream a reality. "I grew up in Ohio and my family members weren't artists or anything, so you have to find some sort of path to get to where you want to be," Chris says. "I didn't know anyone who had gone from Ohio and worked in Hollywood, so at a very early age I sort of had to figure it out."


Chris decided to go to Elon University in North Carolina to get his foot in the door, and it didn't take long for him to catch his big break. "I knew you needed training to become a skilled theater actor, and to get training you had to go to school," he says. "To get noticed in the film and television world, the thing I saw that was consistent was if you made it in New York you could transition opposed to going straight to LA and getting swallowed up in the industry."


After several roles during college, Chris scored the part of Melchoir in the national tour of Spring Awakening where he performed in eight shows a week in over 60 cities. Then a couple years later, it was on to film. We loved him as Adam in The Carrie Diaries, but his new role as the lead antagonist in Vampire Diaries is his most fun one yet. "Kai is totally different from my other roles—being the bad guy is always great. The bad guys have all the fun. They really do. We get all the best lines," he says. "Especially getting to play a psychotic character—he's so different from me."


With Kai being kind of a crazy person and all, it turns out fans of the show who meet Chris in real life are surprised by the down-to-earth sweetheart they find. "I was in Florida at this convention and the thing I heard most often was 'You're not at all what I was expecting you to be like.' I'm always thinking, 'Well I hope not. I hope you didn't think I was going to be a nut-job,'" Chris says. "He just ticks in a totally different way than I do. The material is very dark, but I really get to play the whole package: A comical character who's also intensely villainous and terrifying. It's a blast."


When he gets a break from filming, the entire cast has a handful of things they like to do off set in Atlanta, Georgia. And knowing this guy, of course they're a little artsy. "They have this thing called the BeltLine in Atlanta. It's a bike path that goes around the entire city," Chris says. "It's very scenic—they have all these cool local art projects along the side of the path: big scultpures, windmills, and pendulums that move. So we bike that some weekends when it's nice. There are also always great concerts, food, and music. We also love game nights—we play a lot of charades. And Cards Against Humanity."


Being a baseball fan for basically his entire life, Chris also made time to keep playing one of his favorite sports. "I play rec softball sort of religiously. I'm a huge baseball fan," he tells us. "When I lived in New York City, I'd go to a Yankees game every week. I played until college, so I joined a couple leagues when I moved to Atlanta. That's been fun when I'm not working."


If you haven't noticed, this guy's pretty cool: From acting to singing and being an athlete, there's not much he doesn't do. So if you just became even more of a fan—which, let's be honest, how could you not?—don't worry: This is just the beginning for the adorable Pied Piper rat who's quickly becoming one of Hollywood's most covetable stars.


OBS! Bilderna från photoshooten kommer i ett annat inlägg


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Intervjuer 2014 - Paul Wesley

Några intervjuer med Paul Wesley under 2014 som ni kanske har missat eller som vi missat lagt upp på bloggen! Finns många roliga intervjuer värda att kolla på med denna man. 
Intervju från 29 april 2014, Paul avslöjar bland annat det ovanliga namnet på sin älskade katt.
Intervju från 20 maj 2014, Paul gör Entertainment Weekly's "Pop Culture Personality Test" 
Intervju från 11 november 2014, Paul & Candice diskuterar Steroline med TV Guide 
Intervju från 10 december 2014, Paul pratar bland annat om livet som regissör och om Steroline.  
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Intervju: How Will Elena React To Damon's Return?

Ian Somerhalder och Nina Dobrev delar med sig om deras karaktärers känslor och situatioen mellan Damon och Elena nu när han är tillbaks.
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Celbuzz intervju Michael Malarkey

 Celbuzz mötte upp Michael Malarkey för lite småsnack om Enzo i den kommande säsongen. 


Celebuzz: Först och främst, stort grattis till att du blivit en av "the crew" och ska vara med i nästa säsong av TVD, var du exalterad när du fick höra det? 


Michael Malarkey: Hell Yeah! Jag åkte i princip fram och tillbaka från London under min "guset star" period. Så för det ändamålet är det trevligt och veta vart jag ska befinna mig hela nästa år, istället för att åka fram och tillbaka. Det är en ganska lång flygresa. Men jag är överlycklig över att vara en del av en väletablerad och respekterad serie. 


CB: Vad kan vi vänta oss från Enzo i säsong 6?


MM: Tja du kommer att få se samma gamla misstänksamma Enzo och hans lojalitet, den färdas mellan att vara god och ond. Jag har läst de första sex avsnitten och det är några riktigt bra grejer på gång.


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Nina Dobrev - Live with Kelly and Michael (04/08/2014)

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Intervjuer från Comic-Con 2014 - Vad händer i säsong 6?

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