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Sohu Media Intervju med Nina Dobrev

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Steven R. McQueen pratar om kommande säsong - SPOILERS!

Steven pratar om säsongsavslutningen och kommande säsong.
Han berättar att inspelningen av säsong 6 börjar 7 juli!
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Bite me I'm Famous 2 - Zach & Nate

Zach Roering och Nate Buzolic gästade 'Bite Me I'm Famous' den 24 maj i Paris.
Och det här var några av sakerna det gjorde och berättade på plats, haha.
  • Nate said he loves to take photos, and he’ll take some pics tonight while he’ll be walking around Paris.
  • Nate said that if he wasn’t an actor he would be a photographer because he loves taking pictures.
  • “I like flirting with women.” – Nate.
  • Zach imitates the surfs moves.
  • Zach said he had a crush on Ian Somerhalder since he was 17.
  • Nate said he likes to see Ian’s fans doing the eyes to eyes picture because he sees love.
  • Zach couldn’t stop saying “Wesh Wesh” all the time.
  • Nate and Zach dance and sing.
  • They play pretend football.

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Bite me I'm Famous 2 - Paul & Arielle

Paul Wesley och Arielle Kebbel den 24 maj på 'Bite Me I'm Famous' 
  • Q: What was your favorite scene among the five seasons? Paul “I don’t remember anything.”
  • Paul likes the scene when Lexi grabs Stefan’s hand and same for Arielle “it was the only episode I was in this year.”
  • Paul says Arielle was there only on his request.
  • Q: What do you wanna do after TVD? Paul “I’m retiring,”
  • Q: Was Lexi in love with Stefan? Paul: “Be honest.”  Arielle: “No.” Paul: “Such a liar.” Arielle: “Deep down Paul wishes it” Paul: “She wants it.”
  • Q: What’s your dream role? Paul “Anything non vampirical.” Arielle “I..” Paul “let me guess TFIOS.” Arielle says she’d love to be the little mermaid to be Arielle both on land and sea. Lol.
  • Paul wants to do some theater and get away from the cameras
  • Paul prefers Silas because he’s cocky and mean but dead for good.
  • Paul says “je blague” when saying if he was a vampire he would change the love of his life every year.
  • Paul tried to speak in French to say he doesn’t know if Caroline and Stefan are going to be together but wants them to make love to test it out.
  • Nate comes crashing the panel and Zach too.
  • Q: How do you live the separation with Daniel? Paul “We sleep together at night then I come back to Atlanta.”
  • Q: Who’s the funniest actor in TVD? Paul/Arielle “Zach and Matt”
  • Arielle wants something to happen between Lexi and Rick.
  • Q: Are we going to see Lexi again? Arielle: “Anything can happen, Matt was killed a bunch of times so.. But it was a great goodbye.”
  • Q: When he doesn’t work Paul runs a website called “http://iansomerhalder.com ” and drinks whiskey.
  • Paul has said that Caroline is so beautiful and Stefan is so stupid.
  • Q: Would you like to date Lexi? Paul “She can’t handle a Salvatore.” Arielle: “What a bullshit!” Paul “He’d go with Caroline.”
  • Paul wanted Stefan to stay dead so he’d have some vacation.

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FANSTAGs intervju med Ian Somerhalder

I videon pratar Ian bland annat om när han var med i Lost och hur det var att återförenas med castet efter 10 år.
Han pratar även om hur det är att kyssa motspelaren och ex-flickvännen, Nina Dobrev. 
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Ian Somerhalder - EXTRATV

Ian gästar extratv, där han bland annat pratar om hans första "Vampire Diaries fan experience" 
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Nina Dobrev pratar ut om mobbning - Bystander Revolution

Nina Dobrev pratar ut i intervjuer med Bystander Revolution, en organisation som jobbar för att motverka mobbning.
Hon pratar bland annat om hur hon själv blev retad i skolan och hur hon dagligen får stå ut med rykten och skvaller.
Hon är verkligen en riktig förebild, som alla borde se upp till och ta efter!
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Ian Somerhalder gästar Chelsea Lately

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Ian Somerhalder gästar Tavis Smiley Show

Här är en förhandstitt på intervjuen Ian gjorde hos Tavis Smiley. Hela intervjuen sänds på PBS ikväll.
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extratv - "Double Duty"

Paul Wesley gästar extratv där det pratar om Paul som både skådeseplare och regissör. 
2014-04-16 | 11:13:00 | Kategori: Intervjuer

Paul Wesley - Pix11

Paul Wesley gästar Pix 11. Han pratar bland annat om hur det var att regissera avsnitt 18 "Resident Evil". 
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Vampire Diaries Convention Chicago

Stiliga Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley besvarade fansens frågor under panelen i det årliga Vampire Diaries Convention i Chicago (4-6 april). Ni kan läsa frågor & svar nedan! 
  • Ian: “Someone just called me baby.” Paul: “I call you baby everyday.” Ian: “Well that’s in the shower.”
  • Ian: “I’m not going to babble.” Paul: “I guarantee you will.” Ian: “I’m going to keep this shit concise.”
  • Paul says its hard to do platonic scenes with Daniel and Ian agrees that with the kiwi accent it’s hard to hold back the love.
  • Ian believes if you have compassion, the world will be better, but says you can’t teach compassion.
  • A fan asks: Who was your inspiration to get into acting? Paul: “Boone from Lost, Ian Somerhalder.” Ian: “Paul Wesley.”
  • “I want at the end to have Elena wake up and it all be a dream. Stefan works at a grocery store and Damon is the town drunk.” Paul on how he wants TVD to end.
  • Would you like to see your characters become human? Paul: “Yeah.” Ian: “No.”
  • Paul has known Daniel since he was 19. “I met him and it was love” Ian says he loves Daniel as much as he loves Paul.
  • Ian says prep for a scene is scene specific. Paul says he has to remember Stefan’s age and react appropriately.
  •  Ian on vampire senses: ”You can hear a mouse piss on a cotton ball from a 1000 miles away.”
  • Paul on his hobbies: “I snowboard, I play with my cat.” Ian: “I don’t think playing with your pussy is a hobby.”
  • “Redheads are my hobby.” Paul. ”I had red hair until I was like 4, you would have liked me Paul.” *Paul pulls the mic away*”does the carpet match the drapes?”
  • Paul: “If I was in Ian’s body I would go to male strip clubs and post selfies.”
  • “I liked when I killed Katherine. When I stabbed her.” -Paul. Ian says his favorite scenes with Nina are the naked ones.
  • Favorite season: Ian’s was one because he was a bad-ass. Paul’s was three.
  • “I’m single and ready to mingle” Ian.
  • “I was just auditioning for a lot of things and happened to get this one.”-Paul.
  •  Ian taped the pages of the script to his dashboard while he drove to the audition.
  • Ian: “If I could be anyone else for one day I would be barrack Obama and make shit happen.” Ian. ”If I was anyone else for the day, I would be the Pope and make gay marriage happen.” Paul.
  • They burned a layer of Paul’s face off when shooting the rain scene in season 1 because he stood in front of a heater and it burned.
  • Paul says when Ian smolders, he’s trying to read lines on cue cards. Ian flipped him off.
  •  Ian and Paul share a water bottle – “We’ve made out with the same chick for years.” – Ian.
  • Both agree Elena shouldn’t end up with either Damon or Stefan.
  • Paul rubbing himself and Ian asks “Altar boy memories coming back?” Paul: “I’m not that flexible, Ian.”
  • A fan asks: “Who do you like to work with the most?” Ian: “Who do I like to TWERK with? I twerk on my own!”


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Nina Dobrev - E-Talk

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Joseph om Klaroline - spoilers!

Fans har bönat och bett om en romans mellan Klaus och Caroline sedan säsong 3 av The Vampire Diaries , och efter ett hett möte i skogen under det 100:e avsnittet verkade det som att Klaroline faktiskt kunde utvecklas. Men det verkar inte så optimistisk. Den exekutiva producenten Julie Plec har berättat att Klarolines hookup var ett sätt att "avsluta det kapitlet" i Carolines liv, och göra Klaus till ett minne blott.


"När Julie pratade med mig om att låta Klaus komma tillbaka till Vampire Diaries i det 100:e avsnittet för att avsluta det förflutna, tyckte jag att det lät som en bra idé," berättade Joseph Morgan för TVGuide.com . "Jag visste att det fanns en stor fanskara för dessa två karaktärer, och jag tyckte det var viktigt att betala av förhållandet till en viss utsträckning, men även vara tydliga med att Klaus numera finns i New Orleans och handskas med ett barn som är påväg att födas, och Caroline har fortfarande ungdomsproblem att lösa och college att gå till. Så dessa två karaktärer växer längre och längre ifrån varandra. Jag tycker att det var ett bra sätt att ta farväl."


Tråkigt... Jag som hade hoppats på mer Klaroline! Vad tycker ni?


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Candice ccola - The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Förra månaden var Candice Accola gäst i The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
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Intervju med Ian & Joseph

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TVD Cast - Säsong 5 intervjuer

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Intervju med Paul och Ian!

Klicka på bilden ovan för att se denna exklusiva intervjun på facebook! Åååh, dom är så underbara!!
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Ian Somerhalder intervju

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Ny TVGuide intervju från Comic-con

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