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Exklusiv intervju med Nathalie Kelly (Sybil)

Alla vill vi väll lära känna den nya skådespelaren bakom den omtalande karaktären Sybil. Tack vare Alloy Entertainment, som fått en exklusiv intervju med Nathalie Kelly. Där hon bland annat talar en heldel om sin karaktär och hur det är att dyka in en sådan stark roll som leker med fansens känslor. Läs intervjun nedan om intresset lockar.


Alloy Entertainment: Congratulations on landing the role of Sybil! We hope you don’t take offense to this, but never before has a character incited so much anger in fang fans before.
Nathalie Kelley: [Laughs] I’m seeing that…I’m noticing all the reactions and I’m like ‘WHOA.’ I’m inspiring so many strong feelings in people.


Alloy Entertainment: Before Sybil was introduced, we didn’t know too much about her. There was so much build-up leading up to Klaus and Katherine’s respective arrivals, but Sybil remained somewhat of a mystery. Now that you’ve gotten a chance to explore your character further, what has surprised you most about her? Is there anything specific about Sybil that you, as an actress, try to hone in on and bring to life on screen?
Nathalie Kelley: I have one answer to both of those questions, and it’s her vulnerability and humanity. It’s easy to play a one-dimensional villain, but for me as an actor, it’s more fun when I get the chance to dive into the human reasons behind what makes someone bad. Behind every villain, there’s an awful tragedy that made them that way, and that’s what this next episode [“An Eternity of Misery“] is about. It explores Sybil’s backstory and is set in 2000 B.C.; Julie [Plec] based it a lot on the mythology and you get to see the pain that drives her. You get to learn about everything she’s suffered and the reason why she is so callous, cruel, and manipulative. Those are the things that drew me to her. Yes, she is a villain and all-powerful. However, she can have whatever she wants — whatever she wants — but she’s still so needy. It was so fascinating to me when I first auditioned for the role — this combination of so much power, vulnerability, and neediness. And so, in this upcoming episode, you’ll discover why she has such a strong desire to be loved.


Alloy Entertainment: In the trailer for “An Eternity of Misery,”Sybil reveals that she has a sister. Obviously you can’t tell us who she is — but just like the Salvatore brothers have their differences, what are some key contrasts between these two women?
Nathalie Kelley: I can’t really say without giving away who it is – it’s such a good plot twist that I don’t want to spoil it for you. But my backstory delves into this tale about two sisters living on an island and they’re different in a lot of ways. You don’t know until the very end who it is, but you kind of…[Laughs] I can’t say too much, but just know it’s about two sisters on an island. I’m trying not to get into hot water here, but yes, once you see who it is and learn about their past, you’ll realize how different they are.


Alloy Entertainment: We also see in that same promo that you and Paul Wesley have a lot of scenes together in episode 8×04. How do Sybil’s interactions with Stefan differ from her frequent ones with Damon?
Nathalie Kelley: Well, at this point, I think Damon is becoming her favorite little pet. She’s exists to be worshiped and served, and Damon, although reluctantly, has been doing her bidding so he’s very valuable to her. Stefan, on the other hand, is a nut she hasn’t cracked yet and he intrigues her. You’ll see in this episode why she’s fascinated by the psychology of the two brothers, the differences between them, and what makes them each tick; there’s a lot of mirroring happening between the sibling relationships — you know, between Damon and Stefan, and Sybil and her sister.


Alloy Entertainment: Considering she punishes and feeds mostly on depraved souls, do you think describing Sybil as “evil herself” is a fair assessment at this point?
Nathalie Kelley: She’s pretty evil. [Laughs] Her choice of targets isn’t because she’s some sort of awesome vigilante; it’s a job she has to do and we learn about that in the next episode. But yea, I wouldn’t give her any points for only killing “evil” people. She’s twisted and isn’t doing it to serve them justice for herself – it’s just the task she’s been given.


Alloy Entertainment: Sybil has deleted cherished memories, interfered with relationships, and instilled so much fear in people. How much worse does it get?
Nathalie Kelley: Oh, it gets even darker – she does some really messed-up things. This is just the beginning. [Laughs] I’m actually shocked by some of the things, like, ‘Wow, she’s not holding back!’ She’s a true villain.


Alloy Entertainment: Joining a show in its eighth season can be a bit daunting. What was your first day on set like and who made you feel most at home in Mystic Falls?
Nathalie Kelley: My first day was terrifying! I’ve never been more nervous about a job before in my life — the pacing was so different and hard. I actually watched that scene in which Sybil kills Sarah Salvatore and was so relieved that it came out okay, because I was just so nervous. So yes, it is a bit daunting to come in on a show’s eighth season and work with people who have been working with each other for so long. However, you know who made me feel the nicest on my first day? Paul Wesley. He was really sweet and lovely to me. I was all ‘Is it always like this?’ and he was like, ‘Yea, it’s pretty crazy.’ Thankfully, I’m now used to the fast pacing, but everyone was truly so warm to me from the very beginning and they’ve gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Kat Graham in particular, at the first table read, came over to give me a big hug and said, “We’re really happy to have you.” It could have been a very intimidating, scary experience, but instead it’s been one my most memorable, life-changing jobs in terms of the friends I’ve made and the relationships I’ve built during this short time.


Alloy Entertainment: The image of you and Kat hugging it out is so endearing, especially when you take into account all the tension between Sybil and the girls!
Nathalie Kelley: [Laughs] I know! It was hard being so mean to her in the last episode that just aired because I love her so much in real life. She’s such a special soul and a kindred spirit. She really is like a sister to me now, so when I have do all these messed-up things to her and treat her so cruelly, I feel bad.



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