2014-05-27 | 16:24:04 | Kategori: Intervjuer

Bite me I'm Famous 2 - Zach & Nate

Zach Roering och Nate Buzolic gästade 'Bite Me I'm Famous' den 24 maj i Paris.
Och det här var några av sakerna det gjorde och berättade på plats, haha.
  • Nate said he loves to take photos, and he’ll take some pics tonight while he’ll be walking around Paris.
  • Nate said that if he wasn’t an actor he would be a photographer because he loves taking pictures.
  • “I like flirting with women.” – Nate.
  • Zach imitates the surfs moves.
  • Zach said he had a crush on Ian Somerhalder since he was 17.
  • Nate said he likes to see Ian’s fans doing the eyes to eyes picture because he sees love.
  • Zach couldn’t stop saying “Wesh Wesh” all the time.
  • Nate and Zach dance and sing.
  • They play pretend football.

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