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Bite me I'm Famous 2 - Paul & Arielle

Paul Wesley och Arielle Kebbel den 24 maj på 'Bite Me I'm Famous' 
  • Q: What was your favorite scene among the five seasons? Paul “I don’t remember anything.”
  • Paul likes the scene when Lexi grabs Stefan’s hand and same for Arielle “it was the only episode I was in this year.”
  • Paul says Arielle was there only on his request.
  • Q: What do you wanna do after TVD? Paul “I’m retiring,”
  • Q: Was Lexi in love with Stefan? Paul: “Be honest.”  Arielle: “No.” Paul: “Such a liar.” Arielle: “Deep down Paul wishes it” Paul: “She wants it.”
  • Q: What’s your dream role? Paul “Anything non vampirical.” Arielle “I..” Paul “let me guess TFIOS.” Arielle says she’d love to be the little mermaid to be Arielle both on land and sea. Lol.
  • Paul wants to do some theater and get away from the cameras
  • Paul prefers Silas because he’s cocky and mean but dead for good.
  • Paul says “je blague” when saying if he was a vampire he would change the love of his life every year.
  • Paul tried to speak in French to say he doesn’t know if Caroline and Stefan are going to be together but wants them to make love to test it out.
  • Nate comes crashing the panel and Zach too.
  • Q: How do you live the separation with Daniel? Paul “We sleep together at night then I come back to Atlanta.”
  • Q: Who’s the funniest actor in TVD? Paul/Arielle “Zach and Matt”
  • Arielle wants something to happen between Lexi and Rick.
  • Q: Are we going to see Lexi again? Arielle: “Anything can happen, Matt was killed a bunch of times so.. But it was a great goodbye.”
  • Q: When he doesn’t work Paul runs a website called “http://iansomerhalder.com ” and drinks whiskey.
  • Paul has said that Caroline is so beautiful and Stefan is so stupid.
  • Q: Would you like to date Lexi? Paul “She can’t handle a Salvatore.” Arielle: “What a bullshit!” Paul “He’d go with Caroline.”
  • Paul wanted Stefan to stay dead so he’d have some vacation.

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