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Vampire Diaries Convention Chicago

Stiliga Ian Somerhalder & Paul Wesley besvarade fansens frågor under panelen i det årliga Vampire Diaries Convention i Chicago (4-6 april). Ni kan läsa frågor & svar nedan! 
  • Ian: “Someone just called me baby.” Paul: “I call you baby everyday.” Ian: “Well that’s in the shower.”
  • Ian: “I’m not going to babble.” Paul: “I guarantee you will.” Ian: “I’m going to keep this shit concise.”
  • Paul says its hard to do platonic scenes with Daniel and Ian agrees that with the kiwi accent it’s hard to hold back the love.
  • Ian believes if you have compassion, the world will be better, but says you can’t teach compassion.
  • A fan asks: Who was your inspiration to get into acting? Paul: “Boone from Lost, Ian Somerhalder.” Ian: “Paul Wesley.”
  • “I want at the end to have Elena wake up and it all be a dream. Stefan works at a grocery store and Damon is the town drunk.” Paul on how he wants TVD to end.
  • Would you like to see your characters become human? Paul: “Yeah.” Ian: “No.”
  • Paul has known Daniel since he was 19. “I met him and it was love” Ian says he loves Daniel as much as he loves Paul.
  • Ian says prep for a scene is scene specific. Paul says he has to remember Stefan’s age and react appropriately.
  •  Ian on vampire senses: ”You can hear a mouse piss on a cotton ball from a 1000 miles away.”
  • Paul on his hobbies: “I snowboard, I play with my cat.” Ian: “I don’t think playing with your pussy is a hobby.”
  • “Redheads are my hobby.” Paul. ”I had red hair until I was like 4, you would have liked me Paul.” *Paul pulls the mic away*”does the carpet match the drapes?”
  • Paul: “If I was in Ian’s body I would go to male strip clubs and post selfies.”
  • “I liked when I killed Katherine. When I stabbed her.” -Paul. Ian says his favorite scenes with Nina are the naked ones.
  • Favorite season: Ian’s was one because he was a bad-ass. Paul’s was three.
  • “I’m single and ready to mingle” Ian.
  • “I was just auditioning for a lot of things and happened to get this one.”-Paul.
  •  Ian taped the pages of the script to his dashboard while he drove to the audition.
  • Ian: “If I could be anyone else for one day I would be barrack Obama and make shit happen.” Ian. ”If I was anyone else for the day, I would be the Pope and make gay marriage happen.” Paul.
  • They burned a layer of Paul’s face off when shooting the rain scene in season 1 because he stood in front of a heater and it burned.
  • Paul says when Ian smolders, he’s trying to read lines on cue cards. Ian flipped him off.
  •  Ian and Paul share a water bottle – “We’ve made out with the same chick for years.” – Ian.
  • Both agree Elena shouldn’t end up with either Damon or Stefan.
  • Paul rubbing himself and Ian asks “Altar boy memories coming back?” Paul: “I’m not that flexible, Ian.”
  • A fan asks: “Who do you like to work with the most?” Ian: “Who do I like to TWERK with? I twerk on my own!”


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